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VDSL2 Modem Router

Telesail's VDSL Modem / Router Series - delivering truly cost-effective, high-speed to enhance productivity. VDSL, Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, is the next generation of DSL technology. With accelerated data rates, VDSL delivers high transfer speeds for bandwidth consuming applications, like voice, video-on-demand, and IPTV services. Telesail's VDSL2 Modem / Router Series has integrated VDSL2 technology to provide amazing bandwidth for users who want to fulfill their vision of the digital home or improved office productivity. Due to the characteristics of faster rates and shorter distances offered by VDSL2, it is an ideal and cost-effective solution to use fiber optic lines as the backbone and a VDSL line as the last mile into the home or office. Then, ISPs and Telco (operators and carriers) can deliver more diversified multimedia services to end customers.

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