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XFP transceiver is the 10Gigabit small form pluggable transceiver, It is protocol-independent and fully compliant to the following standards: 10G Ethernet, 10G Fibre Channel, SONET OC-192, SDH STM-64 and OTN G.709, supporting bit rate from 9.95G through 11.3G. he XFP transceiver is used in 10Gbps SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, 10G Ethernet and related applications, including the DWDM fiber optic networks. XFP is the most compact size and low cost 10G transceivers currently. Typical types for XFP including the SR, LR, ER and ZR. XFP SR working distance is 300 meters max, it works with OM3 10GB multimode optical fiber. The other 3 types work with single mode fiber, XFP LR max distance is 10km, XFP ER is 40km, and XFP ZR max working span is 80km via SMF. XFP is regarded to be the new generation 10G solution after the Xenpak and X2 transceivers, many companies have developed the XFP 10G transceivers nowadays. We supply Cisco XFP transceivers equivalent products that are fully compatible to use with Cisco equipment, typical XFP transceivers are used for 10G SR and 10G ER applications for short distance and extended distance data transmission. 10G LR can reach 80km working distance.

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