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Business VoIP PBX Telephone System,300 IP users,PABX system,pbx telephone system

TPB5096- Business VoIP PBX Telephone System, 300 Extensions, PABX System

TPB5096 is an embedded OS and modular-design PBX telephone system, multi-type interfaces can be equipped flexibly for different office communication applications, such as FXO module, FXS module,E1 module. VoIP business PBX phone system today are wildly more sophisticated compared to the traditional PABX system. TPB5096 can do everything a traditional PABX system can do and more. It performs the switching and connecting of Voice over IP as well as landline calls. A conventional PABX system requires two networks, one for data and another for voice. TPB5096 is an IP-based VoIP PBX system runs on an IP data network, which saves costs and minimizes network management. It inter-works with various IP terminals and analog phones to provide multimedia IP telephony services as well as the traditional voice-based business PABX system features.

TPB5096 comes in standard configuration of CO Lines with modular Analog and Digital extensions to fulfill the essential PABX system requirements. TPB5096 VoIP PBX can support maximum 96 analog voice port and two E1/T1 port. TPB5096 flexibly accommodates the growing communication requirements with optional interface modules such as 8-Port FXS, 8-Port FXO, 4-Port FXS & 4-Port FXO,1-port E1/T1 to integrate in the same platform. It supports high quality VoIP and Unified Communications services for up to 300 IP extensions.

TPB5096 is a SIP based VoIP PBX Telephone System to establish calls over the IP network which has built-in SIP register server and PROXY. This makes TPB5096 interoperable with any SIP-based third party devices such as SIP phones, Softphones, Mobiles with SIP support, VoIP ATAs and PSTN gateways.

TPB5096 is a VoIP PBX telephone system which is highly programmable and can perform sophisticated functions, offers rich VoIP business phone system Features such as auto-attendant, VoIP IVR (interactive voice response system), monitoring of extension status, mobile extension, callback, corporate CRBT, click-to-dial, call transfer, call waiting, voice mail, call recording and etc. With our IP telephony solution, even outside the office, users can easily connect to the corporate system for voice and data access.

TPB5096 is a cost-effect business VoIP PBX solution for small and mid-size enterprises to build PBX telephone system serving multi-location branch offices. It delivers unified communication by merging voice and data networks allowing users to communicate seamlessly. .
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  • •   Anti-virus with embedded Linux system
  • •    Twelve (12) Module Slots for FXS, FXO,E1; From 8 to 96 analog lines/extensions integrated into the unit
  • •    Network Interface: 4-port 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface
  • •    IP  registered extension:0~300
  • •    Concurrent calls:>20
  • •    VPN support
  • •    Green VoIP PBX, low power consumption
  • •    Build-in mini asterisk server
  • •    Ready to use. Plug and Play
  • •    Call Manager Features: Supports various call scenarios, color ring service etc.
  • •    Supports SIP signaling, H.323 inter-working.
  • •  Supports a scenario editor for IVR services and support tools.
  • •    Supports UMS(unified messaging service) function (voice mail, etc)
  • •    With error tolerant, E-911 to make sure IP PBX work normal once power or internet down 
  • •    Skype trunk compatible
Extension Analogy Extension:0~96;IP extension:0~300
Concurrent calls 60
Trunk Analog Trunk:0~96; E1 interface:0~2*
Network Interface Interface Interface type Type
WAN Ethernet One(1) RJ45
LAN Ethernet Three(3) RJ45
Analog Interface Interface Interface type Type
8S 4*FXS+4*FXSports 1*RJ45+1*RJ45
8O 8*FXO+4*FXOports 1*RJ45+1*RJ45
4S4O 4*FXS+4*FXOports 1*RJ45+1*RJ45
E1 1*RJ48 1*RJ48
Storage 2G(standard);USB2.0 extend(optional) SD
VoIP protocol SIP RFC3261/IMS
Voice characteristics G.729/G.723/G.711/H.263*
Voice characteristics VAD/Mute compression/ CNG/ PCM gain adjust
FAX T.38
IP characteristic Static IP/DDNS/DMZ/DHCP/PPPoE
Power supply AC:85~264,47Hz-63Hz DC:48±10%V
Dimensions 482mm(W) *329mm(D) *221.5mm(H)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ 45℃
Humidity 10~95%(non-solidification)
Protection Extra ventricular operation can avoided thunder and high-voltage protection
PBX basic service Telephone exchange; Auto attendant; Ringing group; IVR; Function key; One number; Call hold ;Call hold
Supplyment service Call park; Call transfer; DND; Speed number; Speed number; Three-way call; Call hold; CND; Black list
Business VoIP PBX Telephone System,300 IP users,PABX system,pbx telephone system

TPB5096- Business VoIP PBX Telephone System, 300 Extensions, PABX System




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