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TCS3000 Multi-Media IP Dispatch System

TCS3000 Multi-Media IP Dispatch System

TCS3000 is the industry’s most flexible and capable unified dispatch commanding and communication system and is the perfect application for any dispatch environment.TCS3000 IP dispatch systemintegrates both the voice and data application services,providing mission-critical command and control “fully integrated & unified” communication solutions for variouscustomers in public safety, police, emer gency services, rail, maritime, aviation, utilities, oil & gas and mining.

Multi Media IP Dispatch System TCSE3000

TCS3000 is based on classic client-server architecture. The main advantage is the flexibility: the software is the best for distributed systems, but it also can be installed on a single computer, while the databases, the call management function, voice recording and other critical functions are deployed in a safe server environment.

TCS3000 delivers all of the dispatch capabilities you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide: simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer.This system has the powerful dispatching and commanding functions, support all functions for dispatching and commanding purposes, such as dispatching functions of selective call, group call, collective broadcast, break-in/out, force, and grouping etc, support the multi-subscriber and multi-level configuration; supports IP distribution network arrangement, its open, compatible and high reliable design can meet with the networking requirements for different industries, its flexible integrated access ability, individualized customization of services, and advanced maintenance means can provide a new source of profit and new competitive advantage.

With integrated paging and telephony, your dispatchers can efficiently contact and manage all of the resources across your operations. A flexible and easy-to-learn Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives you the ability to customize the needed look and feel specific to your operation, as well as to the unique needs of individual dispatchers. We developed TCS3000 on a standard server-client platform, with a unique touch-screen graphical user interface designed with the dispatcher in mind.

Dispatch consoles provide the vital link between dispatchers and field personnel, helping to coordinate field response and ensure the safety of personnel. It converts audio and control functions from analog or digital to Ethernet packets. Dispatch consoles can also access the radio system through an IP network, making it possible to operate through a local network or from anywhere in the world. Our IP consoles are fully interoperable connecting more radio types together including analog and digital and trunking solutions, as well as integration with other resources including telephone, data, video, security and location based applications.

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• Touch screen and Dynamic Fields enable quick and efficient call management
• Incoming call indication with ringtone and notice on the LCD
• Large screen showing the number, name and priority of the calling or called party
• Automatic call routing, Automatic call distribution
• Hotlines, intercom, and public address, paging
• Talking, call transferring, selective calling, call hold, call back, group call, barge, force release, setting up conference calls, switching between calls and other call functions
• Compatible with headsets, handsets and microphone+ speaker unit
• Calls can be taken over from other terminals of the dispatcher group
• Voice recording
• Alarm monitoring, Channel monitoring
• Voice logging
• Multifunctional display showing call queue, conference participants, call history, dial functions and audio settings
•Separate administration, statistical and reporting application for group managers
•Open data architecture to support third-party developers
•Control of Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
•Web streaming video for CCTV
•Remote control and management
Registered users:  10000  (depend on different PBX configuration)
Concurrent call: 500
Dispatch Console Configuration:
IPC motherboard SV1-F2726/INTEL N270 1.6GHz Processor/Intel Q945/2GB DDR2 800 (Kingston) / 500G SATAII*1 (Seagate omentus5400.6)/ Integrated Gigabit Ethernet(RTL8111 chipset)/4 USB 2.0 interfaces/ motherboard integrated dynamic sharing/PS/2 keyboard, mouse interface/Monitor AU 19 widescreen/touch screen AMT 19 widescreen
Operating system:
Windows XP/Windows2003
Power: <10W
Dimension: 760mm*280mm*340mm (L*W*H) (for reference)
Weight: 9.5KG
Dispatch server configuration:
AIMB-781QG2 IPC motherboard/CORE 3.1G 6M 1155P 4CORE 152400 (G) /4G DDR3 RAM/Seagate 500G SATA hard disk/Gigabit Ethernet *2/Integrated motherboard PCl*2
PCI-E X16*1/ATX 300W industrial power supply rights management, video distribution, video linkage, intelligent analysis, convergent conferencing, and GIS
Operating system:
Linux-CentOS-Release5.4 (64 bit)
Dimension:  482mm*480mm* 88mm (L*W*H)
Power:  <300W
MTBF:  100000hours
Weight:  11.7KG
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