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1/2/4-Port E1/T1/ISDN PRI Trunk Gateway,SIP Gateway

TMG6200 - 1/2/4-Port ISDN PRI E1 T1 Trunk Gateway,PRI Gateway

TMG6200 series digital trunk gateway are compact, dedicated and feature-rich VoIP to T1/E1 PRI gateway. Intelligently packaged in a stackable 1U chassis, it is designed to interface between TDM & IP networks in enterprises or small-scale carrier locations for cost-effective communication.. The models of the Digital Trunk Gateways are TMG6201, TMG6202 and TMG6204. They provide 1/2/4 lines of T1/E1 ports respectively, which scalable up to 96/120 simultaneous voip calls. For an Voice over IP based system it provides T1/E1 PRI trunking.TMG6200 trunk gateway series is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, provides excellent services that meet the needs of customers that ask for high quality VoIP services. Also, this product provides better PRI gateway services due to the unique QoS algorithm by ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) for SIP, MGCP VoIP call control protocols, and better calling quality.

The digital trunk gateway supports major VoIP call control protocols including H.323, SIP, efficiently delivers toll-grade voice quality with industry standard voice codecs and advanced QoS techniques. Its special necessary billing management system can do charging and statistic work aiming at all the call traffic.Support RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) for authentication and billing purposes regarding calls from and to E1/T1. With CDR(Charging data record ) output, It can rapidly provide value added service for customers.

Flexible mounting options and remote management through web-based console adds to the operating ease. With all the major-brand softswitches and IP-PBXs makes it easy for carriers and enterprises to deploy future-proof VoIP systems quickly and profitably.

The TMG6200 VoIP PRI Gateway is suitable for SMBs, Large enterprises, VoIP service providers and System integrators for smooth migration to the new-age IP telephony. It helps them to control the communication overheads and realize an earlier return on investment through advanced features and functionalities. With TMG6200 trunk gateway, multi-branch offices can use their existing broadband connections to setup cost-effective IP communication among them.
  • Quick Specs
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  • •    E1/T1 PRI gateway; 1 or 2 or 4 SPAN interface
  • •    Up to 120 simultaneous VoIP to ISDN PRI call
  • Powerful Processing Capacities 
  • •    Voice coding G.711, G.723, G.726,G.728, G.729,
  • Echo cancellation, Jitter Buffer, CNG, VAD and QoS
  • •    Field proven compatibility and stability
  • •    Call detail records
  • •    SS7 and TDM peer-to-peer tunneling over IP
  • •    Abundant Service Functions
  • •    Flexible Routing and Number Manipulation Rules
  • •    Plug and Play Adaptive Capability
  • •    Web-based configuration and management
  • •    Powerful Billing Management Function


Modularity and Capacity




1-port T1/E1

(24/30 channels)

2-port T1/E1

 (48/60  channels)

4-port T1/E

(96/120 channels)

Network Interface

1*10/100 Base-T  Ethernet LAN port



Signaling & Media Processing

Voice Coders

G.711,G.723,G.726,G.728 and G.729a Independent dynamic voice coder selection per channel.

Echo Cancellation

G.165 and G.168 2000,with 32, 64, 128, 256 tail length (256msec may cause capacity reduction)

QOS Features

Dynamic Jitter Cancellation, Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Silence Suppression, CNG, 802.1p/q VLAN tagging

DTMF Transport

IP network side or PSTN side detection and generation, RFC 2833 complaint DTMF relay, call progress tones Detection and Generation

Fax over IP

T.38 compliant (real time fax)

T.30 (Group 3 fax automatic bypass)

IP transport

VOIP (RTP/RTCP) per IETF RFC 3550 and 3551, PPPOE

Digital-PSTN Protocols

ISDN PRI: ETSI EURO ISDN, ANSI NI2, and other variants (DMS, 5ESS)

Control & Management

Control Protocols



Billing software provided together with hardware: Voss-T

IP route

Up to 100 static routes

Telephone direction

Up to 100 telephone directions

Route assign

Supports flexible assigning different SIP servers or GK to different E1/T1


Embedded HTTP Web Server, Telnet

Remote configuration and software download via FTP, HTTP, Syslog (for event, alarm and CDR)

Hardware Specifications

Power Supply

Single universal -48V DC or 90-260V AC


1 U high,19-inch wide rack mount, stackable

Regulatory Compliance


FCC 68 Part, TBR-4, TBR-13

Safety and EMC Standards

UL60950, FCC 15 part Class B, CE Mark (EN55022 Class B, EN60950, EN55024, EN300 386)

Environmental Specifications

NEBS Class 3: GR-63-Core, GR-1089-Core, Class 1, Class 3, ETS300019 

4-Port E1 / T1 SIP Trunk Gateway voip solution

TMG6200 - 1/2/4-Port ISDN PRI E1 T1 Trunk Gateway,PRI Gateway


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