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SIP Trunking Gateway

Enterprises deploying IP communications systems, including those migrating from traditional PBX platforms to IP-PBX, face several major voip trunk connectivity challenges. Telesail’ wide range of enterprise media gateways offer a complete solution for reliable and secure connectivity in enterprise IP communications environments. Telesail’s media gateways provide enterprises with a flexible and scalable solution for PSTN and voip trunk connectivity. A SIP Trunking Gateway typically connects between large enterprise VoIP networks and service provider TDM networks or between VoIP service providers and TDM service providers. A SIP trunking gateway will typically support a large number of VoIP trunk channels, using a number of E1/T1/DS-3 or STM-1 links. SIP Trunking gateways implemented in the core of service provider VoIP networks will also require integrated redundancy, built-in scalability and efficient manageability, and will be controlled by a Media Gateway Controller using SIP. Telesail products have proven interoperability with leading IP-PBX vendors and major SIP trunking service providers, ensuring that SIP trunks can be deployed quickly. VoIP Trunk Gateway such as TMG6200 which is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, provides excellent services that meet the needs of customers that ask for high quality VoIP services. Also, this product provides better VoIP trunk services due to the unique QoS algorithm by ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) for SIP, MGCP VoIP call control protocols, and better calling quality.

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