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8 Port FXS SIP Gateway |VoIP FXO Gateway

TAG1008E-8 Port FXS SIP Gateway,8 Port VoIP FXO Gateway

TAG1008E is a inexpensive, easy-to-install and simple-to-use voice over IP fxs sip gateway/fxo gateway, which support 8-port FXS or 8-port FXO or a combination of 4-port FXS and 4-port FXO,and also includes one 10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet interface that is used to connect to the local IP network, providing small businesses with enhanced communication services through a broadband Internet connection.

TAG1008E IP Telephony Gateway is a multipurpose solution that small businesses can use to connect an on-premise IP private branch exchange (PBX) system to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), or connect a legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) PBX or key system to voice-over-IP (VoIP) services. With support different configuration of eXchange Subscriber (FXS) or Foreign eXchange Office (FXO) port, it can automatically routes calls to and from your existing public switched telephone network (PSTN) service or converts voice traffic and faxes into data packets for IP transmission. Providing reliable operation for both VoIP and PSTN voice communication service , it helps protect and extend the existing communications equipment investments.

TAG1008E FXS SIP Gateway /VoIP FXO Gateway series is fully both SIP and H.323 standard compliant business gateway, which supports kinds of network protocols, such as IP-routing, bridging, PPP, NAT/PAT, and network management features such as SNMP MIBv2, CLI, Web, etc. It steady runs, and is fully compatible with Asterisk and interoperable with various Standard VoIP system.

Connecting to any analog phone, fax, or PBX, TAG1008E SIP Gateway is an effective and flexible voice over IP(VoIP) solution for multi-dwelling environments or business settings such as call centers, public offices as well as Internet game room and Internet based cyber apartment.It not only provides high quality voice communications, but also offers secure, reliable Internet sharing capabilities for daily voice and Internet communications. In addition, TAG1008E VoIP FXO Gateway can be used in various network environments such as leased line, ADSL, and Cable Modem networking with fixed IP and dynamic IP environments.

  • Quick Specs
  • Further Information
  • Related Products
  • Featured Application
  • • Residential and soho Telephony voice gateway For voice over broadband (VoIP) networks
  • • Up to 8-port FXS or 8-port FXO or a combination of 4-port FXS and 4-port FXO connecting to pots phones or fax machines
  • • 1-port FXO for connecting To PSTN and providing Lifeline in case of power failure
  • • Provides toll quality Voice compression
  • • Robust fax handling with Support for t.38
  • • Integrated router Including firewall, NAT and smart traffic prioritization
  • • Supports a rich set of subscriber calling Features
  • • Easy integration into Existing voip network
  • Carrier-grade features are supported
  • • Broad interoperability list of Soft-Switches and sip servers,marketing leading IP-PBX
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• Interface
8 RJ-11 FXS port options (TAG1008)
4 RJ-11 FXS port and 4 RJ-11 FXO port (TAG1008-4S4O)
8 RJ-11 FXO port options (TAG1008-8O)
PSTN: 1 RJ-11 FXO for for life line
Two(2) port 10/100 Base-T (RJ45)
• Dimensions
30mm H x110mm W x 110mm D
• Weight

Power and Environmental
• Power adapter:
Input: 110V ~220V AC
Output:12V DC, 1A
• Operating humidity: 10~90%
• Operating temperature: -5°C~ 50°C

Protocol Support
• VoIP Signaling Support
SIP – RFC 3261 SIP over Transport Layer
• Data Protocols and Features
RFC 2516, PPTP, L2TP DNS, Dynamic DNS, Stun IEEE
802.1p/q (QoS & VLAN Tagging)
ToS/Diffserv Layer 2 switching
• WAN to LAN Layer 3 routing with:
DHCP Client/Server – RFC 2132
RIP V1/V2 and static routing NAT – RFC3022,
Application Layer Gateway (ALG)
Voice over Data prioritization
QOS traffic shaping
SPI Firewall
URL filtering


Telephone Feature
• Supplementary Features
Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call
Forward,Local and Network 3-Way conferencing,
Hot Line
• Voice Coders G.711,G.723,G.726,G.729a/B
• Echo Cancellation G.168 compliant,128msec tail
• Fax Support T.38 G3(Group 3) FAX Relay FAX
Bypass(G.711) Mode Support
• Silence Suppression VAD, CNG
• Adaptive Jitter Buffer 300 msec
• Packetization RTP/RTCP Packetization – RFC
3550, 3551
• CPT tone Default 13 countries CPT setting.
Define special CPT by requirement

• Web Server for Configuration and Management
• Configuration upgrade from HTTP/ HTTPS/TFTP/FTP • Integrated SNMP agent CLI over Telnet
• Syslog support for debug and diagnostics

8 Port FXS SIP Gateway |VoIP FXO Gateway

TP1008E-8 Port FXS SIP Gateway,8 Port VoIP FXO Gateway




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