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VoIP Gateway

VoIP ATA(Analog Terminal Adatper) is a cost-effective product for the VoIP application. User can enjoy the benefit of VoIP to make a international phone call. Using the SIP v1/v2 technology, user can register a phone number via free SIP server on the internet and make a call to the others which have the SIP number too. You don't need a computer to make a call, just use your phone to dial. The Telesail VoIP ATA provides an easy way to make low cost phone calls via the Internet using your existing broadband Internet service. The VoIP ATA is optimized to suit the growing demand for VoIP applications, and it provides a single, highly integrated and cost-effective solution. Telesail provides highly advanced VoIP gateway hardware series in order to meet demanding and evolving business requirements of customers. Especially Telesail VoIP ATA and SIP devices have been developed through years of experiences and accumulated know-how from existing enterprises and communication markets. While there are various different types of VoIP ATA, from 2 port to 32 port FXS/FXO, all the SIP devices serve the same functionality: creating a physical connection between a phone and a computer or network device. Telesail VoIP Gateway hardware provides concurrent triple stack such as H323, SIP, MGCP and QoS (Quality of Service) for high quality of communication service. Some SIP devices have more than one LAN port and/or PHONE port available. This will satisfy customers with high expectation. It steady runs, and is compatible with various Standard SIP devices. Various VoIP gateway hardware series of Telesail is approved for its high performance and reliability in world-wide markets.

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