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WiFi over Coax

WOC (WIFI over Coax ),is a technique which support 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz WiFI over CATV coax cable network (compatible with 3G, 4G and LTE signals ). It takes advantage of the room CATV cable network to achieve WLAN access. The WOC Router/AP combining Wi-Fi signals with CATV signals, routing to the WOC socket outlet in each individual room through the existing CATV coax cable. The mixed signals are separated using a WOC socket outlet which installed on the wall as TV outlet sockets. WIFI signals are then transmitted through a small antenna on the WOC socket outlet to mobile terminals, while the CATV signals are transmitted to televisions. No wall drilling or extra cabling is required, 100% WIFI range can be provided. It will greatly avoid indoor WIFI path loss through walls, fully extend WIFI range by making use of the existing coax cable network to get a better wireless signal. WIFI signals are evenly distributed providing seamless indoor coverage in each room, and it can easily extend your WIFI network to cover any dead zone. It can quickly setup WIFI network by replace the common TV socket outlet to WOC socket outlet, without any change of the existing coax cable network or do any wireless site survey. It facilitate the users to reduce WLAN network investment. Users do not have to use a bulky CABLE MODEM or wifi range extender/wifi repeaters. Tests have shown that WIFI over coaxial cable solution provides higher quality indoor signals than a common WLAN network deployment solution. WIFI over Coax is the best way to extend WIFI range at home or hotel to help a wireless router or wireless AP cover an entire house with fast, steady Internet access.

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