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Power Distribution Automation Solution Based on EPON

Increasing numbers of power grid components– such as secondary substations,
distributed energy sources, virtual power stations, microgrids, public charging stations, and private households – must be integrated into the smart-grid communication network. New energy applications, such as meter data management or demand response, lead to additional communication needs. The communication networks for distribution automation systems (DAS) are considered as the last mile connectivity for electric utilities. In this respect, the design of a cost-effective and reliable network architecture is crucial.

Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) is regarded as a promising and attractive fiber-based communication technique for advanced distribution automation
The advantage of fiber-optic cable is its dielectric and EMI/RFI noise immunity characteristics, which make it an ideal fit in the high-voltage operating environment. EPON is a kind of the point to multipoint (P2MP) single fiber bidirectional optical access network structure, it greatly saving the cost of optical fiber. The system supports bidirectional data transmission at high bandwidths inside a single fiber without using power. The network topology adopted by Telesail's EPON is well-suited to the ring and chained structures of power distribution networks. This network topology optimizes the investments in fiber optical and allows extensions to the grid. It incorporates 1+1 protection with a 50 ms protection switching on links between sites and the power distribution units. It allows utilities to bring back large amount of data on a frequent basis. Also it can provide true, real-time , two-way broadband communications.

Our flexible and efficient communication solutions for smart grids enable optimal monitoring and control of smart power grids and thus an efficient and reliable power supply.




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