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IP Vocie Dispatch Console Solution For Power Utility

IP Vocie Dispatch Console Solution For Power Utility


The electric power industry has experienced rapid growth in both quantity and quality of power dispatch system and office IT systems, along with the unique challenge for remote branches.The traditional hardware-based dispatch systems/consoles could not meet the electric power industry communication requirements now. An urgent requirement for the highly efficient, reliable and green power integrated data network to integrate operation network and office based IT system, to carry the different service such as power command dispatch, personnel voice dispatch, SCADA system, OA/ERP, video and other business. The softswitch based power dispatching network which integration of video, data, etc, has become the trend of future development of electric power dispatching, and even indispensable application function.
Solution Overview

The Telesail communication solution for electric power utilities is designed for large corporation with multi-level load dispatch requirement and as well for small companies. Solution builds on main products such as TCS3000 software based call server and IP dispatch terminal, to realize the communication between the different regional Load Dispatch Center and system operation center and user facilities. In addition it can be integrated with other system like power scheduling, video surveillance, video conference, emergency dispatch & command system etc. With Telesail feature-rich touch screen dispatcher terminal, operators can perform daily tasks efficiently and fast, using multiple simultaneously connections, connecting to busy subscriber or trunk, easy managing telephone conferences and monitoring status of subscribers and trunks.

IP Vocie Dispatch Console Solution For Power Utility

Customer Benefit
  • • Compatibility and interaction with existing systems
  • • Compliant with requirements of energetic environments
  • • Providing comprehensive, intelligent, and interactive services for customers.
  • • Communication between TDM and IP networks
  • • Supporting remote disaster recovery when one call center breaks down, which improves reliability
  • • Integrating various communication methods such as phone, fax, call conference, instant messaging, and SMS
  • •  Increased safety of personnel
  • •  Easy to operate, which improves work efficiency
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