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In fiber to the home systems, the signal is transmitted to the customer premises using fiber optic technologies. Unlike many conventional telephone technologies, this does not provide power for premises equipment, nor is it suitable for direct connection to customer equipment. An ONT (optical network terminal) is used to terminate the fiber optic line, provide Fiber To The Premise (FTTP) Triple Play services (voice telephone, television, and Internet) at customer premises. Many service providers are choosing to upgrade their networks with fiber from end to end. These networks are capable of delivering a range of advanced services and throughput of 50 to 100 Mbps per user. To effectively provide access to new services, carriers need an optical network terminal (ONT) or fiber to the home (FTTH) fiber modem with processing power and high-speed interfaces including gigabit Ethernet. Telesail offers a complete portfolio of GEPON ONT (Optical Network Terminal) with FE/GE/FXS/CATV interface, which supporting single family unit, small business units and multi dwelling/tenant units to address various levels of customer service requirements. Ethernet Ports (RJ45 connector) in ONT (Optical Network Terminal) are meant to provide you with connectivity to Internet/voice, and Metro Ethernet Data Network. RF Video signifies the video output from your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to your television to provide you with Cable TV service. Single Family Unit(SFU) provide a cost-effective GEPON customer premise device designed for indoor residential installation. Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) are also available to manage networking in areas as vast as apartment buildings, business units and campus settings. Single business unit(SBU) are designed to meet fiber to the business networking needs and provide a high data rate over fiber.

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