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An optical line terminal (OLT) is a device that is located at the service provider's central office and is the endpoint of a PON network. Based on ITU- Telesail's TP6900, TP3500 and TP3100 optical line terminal series are the flagship GEPON OLT platforms, which uses advanced packet technology to simultaneously deliver IPTV, VoIP, POTS and high-speed broadband access over optical fiber network architectures. Service providers can offer digital or RF video, high-bandwidth Internet access, VoIP and cell relay services from a single GEPON OLT platform over IP. The TP3900 GEPON OLTs can support up to 3584 ONTs via a 9U chassis. TP3100 GEPON OLT support 256 ONT which provide high density, multi-service functionality in a compact, hardened 1U form-factor design, allows easy deployment in remote cabinets and space constrained central offices while offering unmatched bandwidth with non-blocking capacity. Telesail’s optical line terminal(OLT) are ideal for deployment by government, commercial enterprise, healthcare, hospitality and education markets. The optical line terminal (OLT) support network upLinks for both 10 gigabit Ethernet and 1 gigabit Ethernet, with Link aggregation and high availability capabilities. Pick the best optical line terminal (OLT) based on your density, energy consumption and space usage needs.

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